TO BE READ | February

This month I’m joining another one of books & munches monthly challenges. February is dedicated to fantasy and paranormal books and since I have a ton of fantasy books on my TBR, this is a good challenge for me. It’ll definitely be a Fantastic February. My TBR is overly ambitious so I don’t expect to read all these books, they’re chunky, but I want to get to as many as possible. I’ll probably switch it up with some non-fantasy books as well just to keep me sane.

  1. the gray wolf throne | seven realms #3 | Cinda Williams Chima (reread)
  2. the crimson crown | seven realms #4 | Cinda Williams Chima (reread)
  3. strange the dreamer | strange the dreamer #1 | Laini Taylor (reread)
  4. the language of thorns | Leigh Bardugo
  5. the alchemist of loom | loom saga #1 | Elise Kova
  6. mistborn | mistborn#1 | Brandon Sanderson
  7. falling kingdoms | falling kingdoms #1| Morgan Rhodes
  8. foundryside | founders #1 | Robert Jackson Bennett

3 thoughts on “TO BE READ | February”

  1. Switching it up is more than allowed! I lose my mind myself if I can only read one fantasy after the next, hah. 🙂

    The Language of Thorns is on my TBR as well! Although I haven’t read the Grisha-trilogy yet but hey. I’m a stubborn person and really felt like putting some short stories on my TBR.

    Happy reading to you!


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